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Reading ingredient labels is time consuming and confusing.

Here are a few tips:

1. Read the first 5 ingredients. You should see protein as your first ingredient. The sourcing of such protein is important. The first ingredient on any label is what primarily makes up the food. As the list progresses, the ingredients decrease in amount.

2. Look on the label for either of these seals

Here you have a pet food both non-GMO verified and USDA Organic! The BEST CHOICE!

3. Notice the first ingredient – GROUND YELLOW CORN. This is not a healthy first ingredient and the packaging did not carry the non-GMO label. Most corn is GMO.


4. FAT – What kind of fat? Pets do need fat but not used grease!

Does your pet food contain used restaurant grease?
When you see “animal fat” on a label – you probably think it’s healthy fat. But did you know, pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use all sorts of low-quality fats (and other questionable ingredients), even USED RESTAURANT GREASE. Look for labels that list a named source of animal fat, like chicken fat or duck fat.

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